General meeting DADM 04 February 2021

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General Meeting 2021
The minutes will soon be available
Dear All,

Announcement/registration for the DADM General Meeting 2021 is now available!

The meeting will be held on the 04-February-2021 from 15:30-17:30. The event will be held online. When you register, you accept that the other participants can see your e-mail and name
After signing, you will get a Teams meeting invitation on the 03-February-2021.
Meeting venue: Teams

General Meeting – (45 mins)
1. Election of chairman
2. The President’s report
3. Presentation and approval of financial report
4. Presentation and approval of budget and activities including endorsement of membership fee
5. Election of Executive Officers, Alternating Officers, and Auditor
6. Proposed motions
7. Miscellaneous

• Break (15 mins)
8. Topic of the evening:
eClinical Solutions

Digital Transformation in Life Sciences: What it Means for Data Management (35 minutes of content)


Speakers Raj Indupuri (Founder and CEO), Robert Musterer (VP, Product Management), Sam Parnell (BD Director, Europe)

  • What is “Digital Transformation” – Other Industry Examples
  • Key Digital Trends in Life Sciences
  • Problem Statements
  • The technology ecosystem that enables Digital Transformation
  • What it means for Data Management – what does “Good” Look like
  • Intelligent Data Review – Modern data workbench that is available NOW
  • Old Way | New Way
  • Opportunities  & Upskilling for DM to speed this transformation  (How YOU can make this happen)
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Wishing you a happy New Year,

DADM Board

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General meeting DADM 26 February 2020 Minutes

4. March 2020 12:36 by Lene Haastrup in General, Meetings

General meeting DADM 26 February 2020




The General meeting was held at Lundbeck with participation of 34 people.


Conductor: Carsten Junge

Reporter: Gitte Kruse            


The notice for the general meeting have been send out in a timely manner according to the valid regulation.


President report

Ibrahim Kamstrup-Akkaoui went through the annual report and informed of all the activities during 2019.  The President report was hereafter approved.


Financial result

The financial result was presented by the cashier and was hereafter approved without any comments.


Budget 2020

The budget was presented by the cashier and membership fee suggested to remain at 350 kr. per person. The budget for 2020 was approved without comments.


Election of executive committee

The executive committee as it looks after election is listed below. A few committee members were replaced per request.


  • Britt Bech Andersen (re-elected 2 years)
  • Mette Ravn (re-elected 2 years)
  • Frank Jensen (re-elected 2 years)
  • Poul Knoblauch (re-elected 2 years)
  • Gitte Kruse (not on election)
  • Lene Haastrup (not on election)
  • Katja Bernstein (not on election)
  • Kim Sonne (new committee member. Replaces Bo and is therefore only elected for the remainder of Bo’s election period and will be on election again next year)
  • Mette Schledermann Larsen (new committee substitute)


  • Bo Roat Jørgensen (left the executive committee)
  • Ibrahim Kamstrup-Akkaoui (left the executive committee)


  • Lisbet Groes continues as auditor.


Correction of wording in $4

A minor wording in $4 in the regulation regarding compensation, was by mistake not updated. The suggestion it-self was already approved in 2017, so this only relates to the wording in $4. The re-wording was approved

Proposed motions



The executive committee was consolidated with

Chairman Katja Bernstein

Treasurer Lene Haastrup

Secretary Gitte Kruse.